Tuesday, September 2, 2008

13 hour school daze...

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you..."
Sorry that I haven't been blogging...I haven't been on the road quite as much, which is my most comfortable sanctuary to write. I'm back and I will have a 3.5 or higher (pray for me). Maybe I should be taking notes instead of blogging but whose paying attention with 200+ students. I'm staying awake the best way I know how. My books are heavy (and unreasonably priced), my days are long (I'm a night owl), and I'm trying to gain 15 pounds. I know that last one had nothing to do with anything else, but it should let you know how torn I am between writing to you and listening to my professor. 3 hour lectureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (sorry I dozed off). I'm just like you!!! (only different).

My teacher is playing with a KORG Triton keyboard. That's the same keyboard Fate Eastwood used to make every track on my early 2004 release "Vol. 3 It's about Business". I must say Fate revolutionized "my sound" and also gave me a clearer vision for how to efficiently operate my own work environment. [SIDEBAR:Fate did my artwork on that mixtape also]

The irony is that I dropped out of college the day that CD released. I failed every course I was taking that semester, but I did sell tens of thousands (10,000+) of discs, made a nice sum of money, and secured an independent deal with Yo Gotti's Inevitable Ent. Certain things college can't compensate for and that was the last 3 plus years. 

Conversely, I've sinced constructed 2 studio set-ups of my own, launched several active lucrative web operations, and independently toured for the last 3 calendars. The money has come and gone just like any other hustle, and that's where I decided to transform from hustle to career. I'd rather admit that I don't know everything, submit my mind to learning, and come out better than I went in. Did you know that Yamaha popularized MIDI in 1983 with the "DX7"? 

See I am paying attention. I'm going to take notes now, and give you a free song or 3 later.

"Cash Money Laundering" coming soon
Mike J "Tales from the Trap" coming soon
Kush "Can you hear me Now?"-THIS WEEKEND
Fate Eastwood "Dirty Harry" coming soon

Until then,
I remain,


Anonymous said...

So this guy really takes pictures of his class while he is blogging and he obviously wasn't taking notes. But stay on your Grind Lito.

DJ_And-Town said...

Hell Yeah Feel That Shit Homie Its Like I Say "If U Still Goin To School, Go To Class & Get Ur Education... Cuz If U Got The Brain Then The Sky Ur Limitation"

Knowledge Is Power More U Know Betta Off U'll Be

Can't Wait For The New Mixtape Homie

Anonymous said...

I think you are way ahead of probably all 200 of those students in your music class. There is no substitute for real world experience. How many of your class mates have done what you did in three years? That shit's golden, your resume is boastful by now. you can say you singlehandedly spawned a career... that's admirable to anyone, anywhere, from any walk of life. Good job.

That's how I feel about my resume when I look back at all the people who graduated with me. While they were fuckin off not doin shit or doin shit I did in highschool I saw myself as getting a head start. I worked my way up in my career field and by graduation I was already mid-level making a good 30 more than my peers who made better grades or what have you, simply cuz of the work and references I have developed in the mean time.

Check out Cell Mass and True Mass and come summer to get the extra pump and cuts check out NO Xplod. Get a good whey protein too. Those were the holy grail for me. Took me from 150 to 165 in six months.

My friend who I lived with was a college athlete (all freshman basketball for his conference) and put me onto that cuz I was scrawny. You can put on 15 pounds of solid lean muscle mass in less than 6 months if you train religious and eat and sleep right.

My goal's to do it again in six months... I took a year off, but I'm coming back. I'm giving myself six months cuz I live with my girl and she's not a health freak.

That's good inspiration for your readers. You're a role model.

obie said...

good shit lol glad to see ya back. its hard to pay attention in those long ass 3 hour classes lol i feel ya

Krazy said...

what's good Lito, glad I stumbled upon your blog...you're a beast in every aspect! keep doing ya thing and imma sit back and watch you climb to the top.

I hit you on myspace about the tats, get at me on that tip.

Grind Harddddd, Krazy

Anonymous said...