Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm going in...

I'm in the lab, and I'm feeling good about this music stuff. Maybe it's because Basketball is pretty meaningless right now. I would like to applaud this year's MVP, Lebron James. (even his puppet was cooler than Kobe's in the Nike Commercial).

I'm actually kind of sad, distraught even, over the Cavs untimely exit from the NBA Playoffs. I thought writing about it would make me feel better. I was wrong. Reflecting is actually sort of painful. Especially considering that Kobe is still in the Playoffs. I'm not hating, just applauding good marketing and forward thinking from NIKE. I think Nike was preparing to establish Lebron's shoe as brand comparable to the Air Jordan's. Although it took an extra few years for me to actually like the shoe (and actually purchase a pair), it was the coolest thing Nike had since the Air Penny's. (I got the All Black Nike Zoom Lebron 6, by the way).

I say forward thinking because obviously Nike aimed to promote LBJ. Ok, maybe I'm just being partial, or maybe it's because his puppet was more like my ideal self (PSY). [see Video game playing, Bentley driving, powder everywhere (<--Joke, HA!), and Ninety Million Dollars (90) from the company behind the commercial].

Kobe was the coolest when he was playing in Air Jordan's (circa 2003, *T.I.'s "The King's Back" intro plays loud in my head, 'And the Phoenix arose from the ashes...'). Then came Lebron James. Anyways, I'm a Lebron fan to the heart, but I will for the time be riding with the Magic. Because, I want Kobe to be stuck with his three rings from the commercial. Yeah just like that, and in his last All Star he should wear number 20 and apologize at halftime for changing his number if he were even vaguely ego trippin' on some, "...I'm better than Mr. Michael Jeffrey, i mean your airness,sir" BS! PICTURE IT: SHAQ would be standing (4 rings on his hand) with Lebron, Myself (LITO), and none other than Ric Flair as we would be the new four hoursome. Sorry Arn.

I was in Atlanta for that All Star Game, and I just remember hearing 50 Cent's new "Get Rich or Die Trying" album everywhere I went. It's crazy how music connects you to events and memories. I dream of my music tying the loose ends of someone's brains together to remember something (pleasant). Well, aside from the fact that I can recall doing all sorts of CRAZY $#!T while listening to certain music (even that CD), i'd say that preserves music as an ARTform.

Oh yeah, iSHAKELife.

That's from my mixtape "I Love You, Too" download FREE and spread the word.

I will post a Video Blog Entry tomorrow from the studio here in Miami. Until then...


back to our regularly scheduled program RECORDING "CASH MONEY LAUNDERING"

"Y'all come back now, ya hear!"
- I Don't Know

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I just want to be there...

That was a song by AZ featuring Nas that I used to listen to all the time. Just like "Brooklyn's Finest" wit BIG and Jay-Z some songs sound like they were supposed to happen as they were. I just wonder if they were up at 5 a.m. doing them. I hadn't given so much thought to collaborations other than ones I enjoy. But I have to say, I'm damn near having fun right now. I haven't had a shirt on for very much of the day, which is one of the most random things I could think to type, but it is 5:49 and I am satisfied with the body of work I produced for the day. Funny thing is, that satisfaction will go away probably before I find the nearest pillow. I am happy in my music, even in a somber song there is the joy in being expressive. I think the music business takes away from that, but it's too late in the game to try and change the rules. I think I show my hand by being this honest, but then again I am my own selling point. The thing that I am the best at in the entire world is: BEING ME. I think my latest CD is reflective of that, and I'm digging the positive feedback. If you are feeling it, go one step further and spread the word. Copy and paste to your forehead if you wish.

THANK YOU (Which is the name of the song I'm working on right now, no lie)


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I call my new project ("I Love You, Too") audio art. Although it is a "mixtape", I have decided to focus my efforts in a more direct path. When I released "Starlito's Way 2" (SEA Album of the Year) I was reaching. Obviously, people were willing to accept my attempt at something beyond the music. It was as much a movie as an album, just the same as this project is something to be observed and appreciated (hence audio art). As the market suffers, and quantity outweighs quality in the rap world, I want to be lyrical. I was flattered at a compliment I received from one of my comrades. He said, "It's cold how your punchlines/metaphors coincide with you and your life." I thought this was crazy coming from another artist but then I started to realize how much of rap has become a proverbial treadmill. Trends seem to circulate so fast and then become overdone. I'm willing to accept that I might lose some loyalists with my renewed focus on the stories, and the wordplay, and the realities within. The reason I can accept that is because I am comfortable with myself, and my truths. I've done ALOT of stupid stuff in my lifetime, some of which gets glamourized in the music, but at some point none of that will matter. I've also grown to know that there is no force greater than Love. Hardcore "All Star" fans might be delighted to know that this isn't 'love making music' its a project that speaks on my Love for making music. I'm aware that people relate to the things that I say, both positive and negative. I'm also aware that I won't please everyone no matter what I do, so with that being said I'M DOING ME. I'm 20 something and stuck right in between being a full-time intellectual and a statistic. I am both sinner and saint. If I made 'happy-go-lucky' music, I'd be fake, just like to pretend like I don't have serious feelings about serious things would be fake. I really do LOVE what I do. I'm growing as an artist, and I just want you all to witness the growth. If cameras followed me all day, perhaps the world would have a better appreciation for how real and detailed my music articulates MY LIFE. But then again, if cameras followed me all day, I'd probably be in jail. RANDOM.

I do ask a favor of you if you have made it this far and actually read through this: TELL EVERYBODY THAT YOU KNOW TO CHECK THIS CD OUT!