Monday, September 15, 2008

Look Mom, I've gone digital

First of all before you read any further, IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE AND HAVEN'T REGISTERED:

Saturday night following the Southern Heritage Classic I partied with my childhood idol, Penny Hardaway. Between Level 2, The Recording Studio, The Road, The Rose, The Patron, The Purple Stuff, and the other purple stuff Memphis was a blur this weekend. I do know TSU is 3-0, Vanderbilt is 3-0, The Titans are 2-0, and i'm 2-0 in my Fantasy Football League. I'm just about finished with "CASH MONEY LAUNDERING" as I had scrapped about half of the original records I had for it. 1 video has been finished, and 1 more is in production along with one for a self titled "Grind Hard" Album.  Stay tuned with me and Stay focused as I don't see any limitations or barriers. My pockets aren't nervous, so my 'competition' (LOL) should be. 

I really intended to write less and leave these gifts:

MY NEW SINGLE feat. Lil' Wayne "Crazy"

Kush drops this week! ("CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW") 

Mike J coming soon!!! ("TALES FROM THE TRAP")

Send business inquiries to:

"That's L-I-T-O, smoking on the best but don't tell my P.O."

-All Star, (2008) from "I Love You Too" on Cash Money Laundering


David said...

Don't trip on the GPS... They can't track you unless you have one of those fancy GPS systems that can actually transmit information... Most GPS like those in your car and cell phone simply receive data...

$tarlito said...

so they say

David said...