Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Snowstorm of 2010

Nashville, TN (GH News)

About 5 inches of Snow hit the Middle Tennessee area this past weekend, leaving roads iced and schools closed. While stuck in his humble abode due to the inclement weather, Rap Monster SAINT ASSAULT RIFLE LITO took the time to record and release two new tracks. The 9 minutes and 11 seconds of recordings (9:11) were both covers of Neptunes productions.

The first, Lupe Fiasco's "I'm Beamin"

The second, Clipse "Champion"


THE SNOWSTORM OF 2010 (collectively)
"I'm Beaming/Ugly Girls"
"Champion $tarstyle"

Starlito has been working at a feverish pace since Late Spring, when he took a vacation and never returned during his second tour to college.

He released (Click on titles to Download FREE):

"I Love You Too"

"I Love You Too Much:The Necessary Evils" w/ DJ Folk

"Tenn-a-keyan 3:Comics, Sports, Crimes & Courts" w/ DJ Crisis

"I Still Love You: Live from the Back of Class" w/ DJ Burn One

"Tenn-a-Keyan 3.5: I'll Shoot Through Ya"

also featured heavily on Cocaine Muzik 3 & 4, with solid ties to Yo Gotti and their I.E. label brand.

I've learned through listening to this RAP MONSTER, as i'll continue to call him, that you must in fact LISTEN to him. With all of these releases there is a great deal of quality and substance within, something todays rap game often lacks. The titles are hyperlinks. You may wanna take a sec and update your iPods/iTunes

Oh yeah, consider that just 2 weeks from now he is scheduled to release TWO MORE mixtapes.

LIVING IN THE PAST w/ DJs Dolewite & Scooby (February 14th)-All pre-2000s beat jacking.
RENAISSANCE GANGSTER w/ DJ Burn One (February 15th)

I wonder if he sleeps...

Bad news for Starlito fans such as myself is that he's going on tour at the end of this month, in a candid interview (set up via Twitter) he shared that he will take a break from recording to "rest my brain and restore some order to my sleeping habits. I need to. It keeps me from tending to business." Starlito said.

I guess that's understandable, but we are also encouraged to "look forward to Starlito's Way 3:Life Insurance" he said, in reference to his forthcoming Street Album slated for a March 13th release.

He also says, "This entire buildup, some say its an overload, with all the recent tapes was about Starlito's Way 3. Starlito's Way 2 was my baby (released on his 23rd birhtday, 12/15/07) . I really was recording those songs and going to bed at night not knowing if i'd make it through another day. And I mean that on like some real-life s***. I made what I would consider a classic (see STARLITO'S WAY 2 & NY TIMES cover story). To follow that, as you can see, took me almost 3 years. So what I do. Give you more than enough to hold you over. (he also dropped 3 other tapes between Starlito's Way 2 and the tapes I mentioned above.) Then I gave you a couple of those tapes in the form of albums. The whole 'Love series'. Cause I got love for this. And I know that there are people that love me for what I do. This is my release and my livelihood. Sort of a double-edged sword. The crazy part is that I didn't start recording on 3 (SW3) until my partner Gold 3 passed away. I took a break from it to get in and try to fulfill my contractual and label commitment. I got back in on it real heavy around my birthday Just a month and half ago. I did it in i'd say 2-3 weeks of recording. I think it's just about ready for the world. But I still don't know if the world is ready for me and my message. The best example of 'my message' is in that opening to the first song on I still love you. I said 'Elevate your mind, think outside the box'. That's what i'm on. Everything else is just experience or something I know well enough to articulate. Good Music, to me, can potentially make you laugh, think, and/or cry. I was once told you should do those three things everyday. I don't, but I try to sow that in to my music."

He also mentioned that "Starlito's Way 3 will be available via Grind Hard Online's new Store launching with the album"

I don't know about you, but I look forward to all of it.