Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Press eject flip over then fast forward.



Official Download Link: "Tenn-a-keyan 3.5: I'll Shoot Through ya" (Sides A & B)

listen to this then turn it over...

(iGoHam/ Popular Demand/ Superman High/ Shine Blockers/ Medicine/ Say my Name feat. Mack Maine/ TRASH BAG GANG - When we Come Around/ SADE - Soldier of Love RMX [Prisoner of Hate]/ I wanna rock LONG VER./ Heavy/ Better Believe it)

then listen to this side then turn it back over

(Edit/ I'm my own Goon/ TRASH BAG GANG - Got a Plug RMX/ Hell of a Life/ ZedZilla - I'll Ride, I'll Die feat. Yung LA, J. Futuristic, Starlito, & Yo Gotti/ January Wrist 2.0 f/ZedZilla *BurnOneExclusive RG2.15*/ Spit Game Serious/ Light Green Man feat. Red Dot & Don Trip *LITP2.14*/ Ace Boogie - Ring On RMX feat. Starlito/ A Star is Born/ Pretty Wings/ Beef is Bad for Business/ Free my Homies)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Free at Last!!!

Not that I feel the need to explain anything, but I am releasing this mixtape today as opposed to yesterday (As scheduled). I felt it appropriate to honor Dr. King's Holiday, Memory, and cherish the legacy that comes with all that.

Watch this when you get a chance:

And with that I present a CASSETTE STYLE (DUAL SIDED) MIXTAPE Mixed by MYSELF. Really. Shout out to everything Retro (Dolewite & Scooby present STARLITO "Living in the Past" 2.14.10) . Anything that makes you THINK back to a brighter more promising time. i.e. This Speech, i.e. This TAPE, i.e. I.E. (Inevitable Entertainment) 2k10.

I don't know much more than you. I do know there is much more to know...

STARLITO "THE TENN-A-KEYAN 3.5:I'll Shoot Through Ya" SIDE A

STARLITO'S WAY 3 (3.13.10)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Living in the Past 2.14.10

"Sleep is for sissies" -Random Quote

Here is the first leak from Dolewite & Scooby presents STARLITO "Living in the Past" due 2.14.10

"Smoking on Haze"

Every track from the tape will be from 2000 A.D. and prior, as this was before I had thought of being a rapper. (Another Appetizer until the main course "STARLITO'S WAY 3:Life Insurance" 3.13.10)

Happy New Year,
& Be Blessed,


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"I Love You Too Much: The Necessary Evils"

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