Monday, September 15, 2008

Look Mom, I've gone digital

First of all before you read any further, IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE AND HAVEN'T REGISTERED:

Saturday night following the Southern Heritage Classic I partied with my childhood idol, Penny Hardaway. Between Level 2, The Recording Studio, The Road, The Rose, The Patron, The Purple Stuff, and the other purple stuff Memphis was a blur this weekend. I do know TSU is 3-0, Vanderbilt is 3-0, The Titans are 2-0, and i'm 2-0 in my Fantasy Football League. I'm just about finished with "CASH MONEY LAUNDERING" as I had scrapped about half of the original records I had for it. 1 video has been finished, and 1 more is in production along with one for a self titled "Grind Hard" Album.  Stay tuned with me and Stay focused as I don't see any limitations or barriers. My pockets aren't nervous, so my 'competition' (LOL) should be. 

I really intended to write less and leave these gifts:

MY NEW SINGLE feat. Lil' Wayne "Crazy"

Kush drops this week! ("CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW") 

Mike J coming soon!!! ("TALES FROM THE TRAP")

Send business inquiries to:

"That's L-I-T-O, smoking on the best but don't tell my P.O."

-All Star, (2008) from "I Love You Too" on Cash Money Laundering

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

13 hour school daze...

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you..."
Sorry that I haven't been blogging...I haven't been on the road quite as much, which is my most comfortable sanctuary to write. I'm back and I will have a 3.5 or higher (pray for me). Maybe I should be taking notes instead of blogging but whose paying attention with 200+ students. I'm staying awake the best way I know how. My books are heavy (and unreasonably priced), my days are long (I'm a night owl), and I'm trying to gain 15 pounds. I know that last one had nothing to do with anything else, but it should let you know how torn I am between writing to you and listening to my professor. 3 hour lectureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (sorry I dozed off). I'm just like you!!! (only different).

My teacher is playing with a KORG Triton keyboard. That's the same keyboard Fate Eastwood used to make every track on my early 2004 release "Vol. 3 It's about Business". I must say Fate revolutionized "my sound" and also gave me a clearer vision for how to efficiently operate my own work environment. [SIDEBAR:Fate did my artwork on that mixtape also]

The irony is that I dropped out of college the day that CD released. I failed every course I was taking that semester, but I did sell tens of thousands (10,000+) of discs, made a nice sum of money, and secured an independent deal with Yo Gotti's Inevitable Ent. Certain things college can't compensate for and that was the last 3 plus years. 

Conversely, I've sinced constructed 2 studio set-ups of my own, launched several active lucrative web operations, and independently toured for the last 3 calendars. The money has come and gone just like any other hustle, and that's where I decided to transform from hustle to career. I'd rather admit that I don't know everything, submit my mind to learning, and come out better than I went in. Did you know that Yamaha popularized MIDI in 1983 with the "DX7"? 

See I am paying attention. I'm going to take notes now, and give you a free song or 3 later.

"Cash Money Laundering" coming soon
Mike J "Tales from the Trap" coming soon
Kush "Can you hear me Now?"-THIS WEEKEND
Fate Eastwood "Dirty Harry" coming soon

Until then,
I remain,