Friday, January 1, 2010

Living in the Past 2.14.10

"Sleep is for sissies" -Random Quote

Here is the first leak from Dolewite & Scooby presents STARLITO "Living in the Past" due 2.14.10

"Smoking on Haze"

Every track from the tape will be from 2000 A.D. and prior, as this was before I had thought of being a rapper. (Another Appetizer until the main course "STARLITO'S WAY 3:Life Insurance" 3.13.10)

Happy New Year,
& Be Blessed,


Also download my entire "What's Love got to do with it?" Mixtape Series

"I Love You Too"

"I Love You Too Much: The Necessary Evils"

"I Still Love You: Live From the Back of Class"


Anonymous said...

What up Starlito? Do you perform at all around Nashville? I'm an audio engineer here, just moved to Nashville and trying to get involved in some good music here. If you get a chance, hit me back.


Young Truth said...

Live From The Back Of Class Is Bangin!!! Fav. Tracks As Follows : 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 14, 16, And 17, Still Got Quotables On Every One But Those Are Standouts...The Bars Were Of Course Tight, But That Ain't The Point. I Recognize That You A Solid Cat, And I Tip My Hat To You Bruh, Whenever You Drop Its Two Copies In My Bag & Yeah You Gon' Triple Up On More Fans Cuz Niggas Round Where I'm At (Southern Cali) Dn't Know You, Or Else I Woulda Been Heard This Shit.
Peace Out....

I'm Out Here Doin Music Too, Have A Listen At The Young'n When You Can, Feedback Is Much Appreciated...Your Opinion Holds Weight To A Up & Comer...

Bonegristle said...

Happy New Year Whodi.Been real busy and can't make my comments like I want to , but n***a still on your s**t like White on Rice. Go bump this and Can't wait for the new S**T to drop. Holla...