Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm going in...

I'm in the lab, and I'm feeling good about this music stuff. Maybe it's because Basketball is pretty meaningless right now. I would like to applaud this year's MVP, Lebron James. (even his puppet was cooler than Kobe's in the Nike Commercial).

I'm actually kind of sad, distraught even, over the Cavs untimely exit from the NBA Playoffs. I thought writing about it would make me feel better. I was wrong. Reflecting is actually sort of painful. Especially considering that Kobe is still in the Playoffs. I'm not hating, just applauding good marketing and forward thinking from NIKE. I think Nike was preparing to establish Lebron's shoe as brand comparable to the Air Jordan's. Although it took an extra few years for me to actually like the shoe (and actually purchase a pair), it was the coolest thing Nike had since the Air Penny's. (I got the All Black Nike Zoom Lebron 6, by the way).

I say forward thinking because obviously Nike aimed to promote LBJ. Ok, maybe I'm just being partial, or maybe it's because his puppet was more like my ideal self (PSY). [see Video game playing, Bentley driving, powder everywhere (<--Joke, HA!), and Ninety Million Dollars (90) from the company behind the commercial].

Kobe was the coolest when he was playing in Air Jordan's (circa 2003, *T.I.'s "The King's Back" intro plays loud in my head, 'And the Phoenix arose from the ashes...'). Then came Lebron James. Anyways, I'm a Lebron fan to the heart, but I will for the time be riding with the Magic. Because, I want Kobe to be stuck with his three rings from the commercial. Yeah just like that, and in his last All Star he should wear number 20 and apologize at halftime for changing his number if he were even vaguely ego trippin' on some, "...I'm better than Mr. Michael Jeffrey, i mean your airness,sir" BS! PICTURE IT: SHAQ would be standing (4 rings on his hand) with Lebron, Myself (LITO), and none other than Ric Flair as we would be the new four hoursome. Sorry Arn.

I was in Atlanta for that All Star Game, and I just remember hearing 50 Cent's new "Get Rich or Die Trying" album everywhere I went. It's crazy how music connects you to events and memories. I dream of my music tying the loose ends of someone's brains together to remember something (pleasant). Well, aside from the fact that I can recall doing all sorts of CRAZY $#!T while listening to certain music (even that CD), i'd say that preserves music as an ARTform.

Oh yeah, iSHAKELife.

That's from my mixtape "I Love You, Too" download FREE and spread the word.

I will post a Video Blog Entry tomorrow from the studio here in Miami. Until then...


back to our regularly scheduled program RECORDING "CASH MONEY LAUNDERING"

"Y'all come back now, ya hear!"
- I Don't Know


dunn d said...

what up lito? i fucks with the mixtape hard...them bars r retarded...nice to hear some shit that makes you think for a change..."charles barkley im not playing but i can tell you about the game bet" lol....yeh man whats up with the album???

KPP said...

First off, this is your website, but im gonna break the ice for the ppl who dont consider themselves "fanlike" but are so curious about your mind and your strike of gold at success to where they become "fanlike" I dont know if that is specifically the case for alot of people.. maybe I say that in hopes that someone will understand where im coming from. but i dont track down stars, and i usually dont pay attention to more than whats infront of my face.. its a new day and age though and here you are, getting money for speaking your mind and i imagine you create things like blogs for feedback and a sense of accomplishment, or to see if ppl are really "getting it".. they are getting it. Im writing on this to first off say thank you for inspiration.. i cant figure out if your music has stimulated my moral, intellectual, or even spiritual side. but it has indeed broadened me as a person on all accounts.. maybe because i feel like i know what you are trying to say rather than even understanding what you do say. lifes a journey, youre an incredible mind, congrats for sparking flames that (to me) are important.. your far ahead, loved by many, and fans are in the thousands.. 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1... equals 5... we all add up to create your financial stability and numerical popularity.. so this is a comment of truth.. and significance (i do speak for alot of ppl --616, 615, 615) but my life is my all and your music is at the top of its list, keep thinking big, keep it stylish, keep it sexy, keep in mind the sides you cheer for, keep in mind your OWN happiness, do it for you, im behind you all the way, youre ballin lito, pick up the ppl, pick up the poor.

S!ZZLE said...

I'm backing what KPP said a million percent!!! Mr. Shute you are the man!!! Check out the blog if you ever can find yourself with a free moment.
I mentioned you in there, you being an inspiration to me and all.
Keep it up Lito!!!

Much love,

TJ said...

lito! The new mixtape is bangin, obviously... and it seems like you are rising to the top, finally. I've been bumpin starlito back when the name was All Star..wit a dollar sign (ha!) But anyways, i'm writing to better understand the lyric "24 mellow yellow yeah i call that pokemon"...i understand that 24 is a comparison to kobe but ive yet to figure out the pokemon part. Keep it up mr. shute and ill be bumpin starlito until you're long gone

Dunn D said...

24 mellow yellow yeah i call that pokemon...mellow yellow i think was like a nickname for the shit wen it first came for the pikachu or somthin and he was like u no the best pokemon...24 kobe..mellow yellow pikachu...pokemon...iunno??

KPP said...

im gonna go ahead n say i dnt think 24 is for kobe

DUNN DIL said...

but i get my kobe on...24 mellow yello yerh i call that pokemon....the pikachu is yellow n the nintendo ds in japan is called the mellow yellow...thats it...i get my kobe on 24...(kobes team is yellow) mellow yellow yeh i call that pokemon(nintendo DS) google