Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's a movie baby!!!

So my single is crazy!!! Literally, "Crazy" featuring Lil' Wayne & Yo Gotti is the first single from "Cash Money Laundering". I am recording at almost the speed of sound right now, and I will continue to release songs periodically to pacify my hardcore fans until the masses awaken. If you aren't aware, my website (Grind Hard Online) is where you can find links to the leaks as well as random other things. The spring line for the "Grind Hard Co." will also launch there. It's a social networking site (i.e. myspace, facebook, etc.) so you can set up your own page/profile. If you're reading this, odds are you are familiar with the concept.

Back to the money: I'M FILMING MY OWN MOVIE!!!

It's titled (what else) "Starlito's Way". Attached is the trailer, and naturally it will be based in large part around my music. I hope you enjoy, and stay tuned as I think my productivity will be historic. (I've always had a high opinion of myself, I can't help it.)

Also here are some links to some mixtape songs:

Signing off, Live from Psychology 1410



tad3d said...

psych 1410 at 7 in the morning? damn, surviving the times like $.lito files (track is a personal favorite).

you went in on every last track tho. 2-3 zone gonna have me quotin lito for a few months straight. too many lines in that one.


Anonymous said...

good one.

Anonymous said...

Enter Nashville Film Festival.

Anonymous said...

I like your single Crazy on the radio, but how come at the end you says as long as Lischey? Why not Dickerson or Gallatin? 31W and 31E are some really long Roads I mean Avenues I mean Pikes I mean you know what I'm saying. Or is it just that's the longest uninterrupted part of the East? I was just wondering cuz I heard that 31 will take you all the way to Canada.