Monday, October 6, 2008

Tenn-a-keyan 2:State of the Union

All Star & DJ Crisis & Barack Obama "The Tenn-a-keyan 2:State of the Union"

Big Tape in the process.

CASH MONEY LAUNDERING will be a huge album! I already filmed one full production video for a record called "2-3 Zone", and I'm currently taking treatments on two more. I'm at it!!! I haven't been to sleep yet, but i'll survive. Stay tuned GRINDHARDONLINE the social network is coming soon!!!!


chynablaq said...

that shit was hillarious yet true

obie said...

cant wait

$tarlito said...


Anonymous said...

I need to get that cuz. I don't see you like i use to but i guess that a good thing keep reppn tha hood homie eastside south 8 out. MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK! He got my vote.