Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Politics as Usual

So I should have posted this like a week bad.

So there was some big commotion in my city over a white guy and a black guy arguing. For the record I'm voting for "THAT ONE". 


Personally, I'm not in to the mudslinging of modern politics. I wish people would come to there decisions on their own rather than just because it's popular or the trend amongst the company you keep. About 80 % of the homes in my neighborhood have McCain posters on the lawn, and in a fit of rage I almost took them all down. Not simply in opposition of his platform, but because I participated in a poll and in calling a number of random Tennessee residents I found that many of them were in direct support of the McCain/Palin ticket but did not favor their policies. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

Well early voting has started, so get your ass up.

Barack Obama is one cool character. He's earned my vote!!! (SIDEBAR: Not just because he's cool.)

"I've been praying for change,
Maybe Obama will deliver,
I need me some health care
this Rose's gone to my liver..."

-All Star
"Look What I Got $TAR$TYLE" from Tenn-a-Keyan 2:SOTU


DJ_And-Town said...

dats real talk, shit when the mixtape droppin cant wait for that shit still reppin ya to da fullest got these niggas fiendin out here for sum new Star

Chyna Blaq said...

Well Barack Obama has earned my vote and to most "ignorance is Bliss" just going with the flow.Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Educate yourself there is always more than whats on the surface. Grind Hard and Grind Smart.

Anonymous said...

u right my nigga. i stand behind obama. i views got me ready to vote and im trying to start me a drive in my hood. VOTE OBAMA OR SUFFER. YEAH I NEED MORE STARLITO TO LISTEN TOO. WHEN, WHERE CAN I FIND IT, BUT TIL THEN IT SW2 TENNAKEYAN, SDR, ETC.... GET MY VISION.

$tarlito said...

I got more content on the way then you probably can handle. I'm working for the good of those that it matters to, and also to heighten awareness about my situation....GRIND HARD that is.

Just be ready for the change, which is inevitable.

Jake said...

Refreshing, homie. I just happened across your blog and that's how it has felt reading through your entries. Come to think of it, that's how it felt when I first heard you on the mic, too. SW2 was dope as hell (and creative). Keep speaking your mind (a la the "Shoot Me Down" free) and get that education. Barring reincarnation, we get one shot at this. I'd like to think I know everything too, but maybe these professors can teach us something.

Keep doing your shit, and don't think there aren't some of us that see you. I don't know what's up with CMR, but tell Slim and Baby to wake up. If they're moving slower than they should, find somebody with more initiative. You'll make your mark, dude. Just keep grinding and eventually the blind will see.

[Sidebar: I know this had nothing to do with the topic at hand, but fuck it, I had shit to say.]

D A V I D said...

No doubt. I have wondered if my own fits of rage over these lawn signs would tragically undermine my heroic actions and cause casual observers riding the fence to vote for McCain... As of today I have still left the signs alone. Truth be told... I saw an Obama/Biden yard sign first... which seemed to spawn all the homes on the street except for mine and a few others to post their McCain signs... It's like we're divided and the rest of us who support Obama,about half of our street, to not engaged in the sign wars simply to preserve the state of the community. It's getting tense. It's getting down to the wire... I feel like ripping up those signs now and moving.

D A V I D said...

I wouldn't want to end up on CNN like this woman... THE OBAMA SIGN THEIF: