Saturday, August 9, 2008

I ain't giving them country boys Nothing!!!

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough (October 5, 1957-August 9, 2008)
NOT BERNIE MAC! Who else are we left to rely on for that natural comedic feel from the black experience. The only likely heir, in my mind, is Mike Epps. That being said, I only wanted to chime in and create my own memoir of what is lost. I never met the guy, but I guess his edginess was so familiar through film and routine that it feels like I've personally lost something. 
Comedy often times gets me through my day. I guess that's why i had Bernie Mac's segment from "The Original Kings of Comedy" on my iPod at one time. I don't think there was a role that I can remember him playing where he didn't add (often times needed) energy, spice, and charisma that help make the films memorable. I hope I will try not to ruffle the feathers of any Richard Pryor fans, but we may have lost one of the greatest black comedic figures EVER.
Last I heard, Mike Epps was to be staring as Richard Pryor in a 'biopic'. I've been waiting patiently for 2+ years. Perhaps like Pryor we will have to wait 20 or so years before another talent comes along with the natural charisma to play Bernie Mac in film. I'm not just mourning. We are talking about the poor man's Bill Cosby here. TV Guides's #47 ranked TV father. Comedy Central's #72 ranked stand up comedian. Underrated, overly talented. Hey that's the story of my life...

I'm so thankful to have the greatest stylist in the world as I get ready to embark in a busy weekend. (BTG, enquire via email: If you care, at today's 6th Annual Crunkfest I will be wearing Air Burst. I'm addicted to FLY. I'm still working on "Altitude" with super producer NYSE. Fate Eastwood produced my new single "Crazy" featuring Lil' Wayne. And I've been doing freestyles and cranking out records like a prize fighter sparring before a big fight. The evidence will present itself. Even through this BLOG. STAY TUNED...

And lighten up, Bernie Mac's joke at Obama's dinner wasn't nearly as bad as Jesse Jackson's comments directed towards Barack. 

GH, H.N.I.C.


Fo Six Boy said...

"Kick Ass" "I ain't scared of you muthafucka's." Bernie was a legend.


obie said...

yea that was so unexpected..i agree about the mike epps thing though..always wondered why he didn't have his own shows/movies instead of just smaller roles..

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't usually give a fuck about what anyone is wearing, but good choice. I've developed a shoe fetish over the years and as far as Nikes go Bursts are the best walking shoe out there; in my humble opinion. They should give you your own shoe Star.
Eminem had a pair of heather grays a while back; I came across em on eBay, never actually seen em. I have a pair of those new ones with the hot lava bubble. I'll start wearing them when I finally get my ass into Urban Active.

And I'm actually posting in reverse as I've been listening to your Shoot Me Down freestyle and I'm really into that track. If you need a helping hand or an extra Air Burst to put in someone's ass let a reader know. I don't care who it is. They'd never suspect or prove that it was the phantom blogger anyways. haha, I'm stupid.