Monday, September 14, 2009

Just when entertainment was as predicatable as possible:

I watched it over, and over, and over again. Honestly, it is the only part of the awards I watched. I have been thinking since 7 a.m., WHAT IF IT WERE THE OTHER WAY AROUND? BEYONCE WINS, AND EMINEM STORMS THE STAGE TO SAY THAT TAYLOR SWIFT SHOULD HAVE WON.

I think everyone, well MIDDLE AMERICA, would've giggled, gotten over it, and probably argued Taylor Swift's case. Awards, and especially award shows don't really make that much sense to me. 2 of the last 3 awards I've won for my music were not even presented (2008 OZONE, 2009 SEA). Once because of a fight between two rappers, and another time because all efforts were being made to accomodate a rapper from abroad (Industry ass-kissing, gotta love that <---SARCASM). Granted, neither of those were the VMAs, but the only thing I saw wrong was the means by which Mr. West went about it. His award show antics/tirades are expected at this point, but he actually TOOK the mic. I'm sorry, but that is HILARIOUS!!!

ICING ON THE CAKE: Nashville's own newspaper, THE TENNESSEAN, (FAMOUS FOR MAKING ME ELIGIBLE FOR BET'S American Gangster SERIES, with a November 2007 cover story, cites Kanye as having a real issue with the city of Nashville. WOW!

I think he had an opinion. MTV further validated his opinion by awarding Beyonce with video of the year, later in the evening. Which speaks to the award show BS, how can it not be FEMALE video of the year if it is the video of the year?

sidebar: NEW LIFE Record Store in West Nashville (no pun intended), has their sign read "KANYE WEST SUCKS"

OH WELL, in the words of the late great 2pac "LIFE GOES ON"

-I still listen to 808s
-I think Beyonce had a better video
-I still think our local paper drops the ball and is far too opinionated for the sake of journalism
-and I still don't watch TV, because advertisement is at a higher quality standard than the actual program.

with that, I DIGRESS



Anonymous said...

Hey man you should check out this blog ! and come through sometimes , down in antioch , much love !

Astate by way of M-town said...

I think that the whole thing was blown completely out of proportion.This is KANYE WEST.. We expect this musical genius to speak his mind, hurt feelings, and like you said.. His point was proven when Beyonce won the biggest award of the night. I think it's wrong that his Twitter page has been suspended, his Wikipedia has been hacked into, and also that he is being treated as if Taylor Swift is to delicate to get her feelings hurt. Ok, he was wrong for the way he went about it, taking the mic out of her hand and stealing her shine, but once again.. THIS IS THE MTV Awards, what do we expect..I have seen way worse done at these same awards in previous years. Tearing him down won't get her ahead, as a matter of fact it wont get her and the fools who continue to act like Taylor is too delicate to get her feelings hurt ANYWHERE..

Sidenote: Does this make people who are scandalizing his name any better than him? He did give her her props when he went onstage.. He never downed her video or anything..He just gave his opinion. Hmmmm..